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TOP 10 Cabinet Companies in Contra Costa County CA » Selectedly You can fix some of your customer's need for space by hanging an embedded cabinet, somewhat like a medicine cabinet. Based on the type of cabinet and the attributes such as built-in lighting setup is unbelievably easy and takes just an hour … Far Out Science - Main - Nickel Shave Club After removing and disposing of the old blade (in the medicine cabinet slot for future archeologists) you slid the new one in and then closed the clamshell. How Do You Dispose of Dull Utility Knife Blades? Do you use a bulk dispenser pack with disposal slots, a DIY disposal container, or do you just chuck ’em in trash?

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Jan 17, 2009 · Yes. When I first got married I asked my husband what that slot was for and he told me it was for disposing razor blades. I thought how funny that was, and how bad it might be for people who remodel or tear down houses. My home was built in the 1950's, and still has the original medicine cabinets, so there's a whole lot of blades in there! Razor Blade Slots In Medicine Cabinets razor blade slots in medicine cabinets razor blade slot in medicine cabinet - there was one in the old house I grew up in. I always wondered where they ended up.Find Great Deals On Medicine Cabinet. Razor Blade Slots In Medicine Cabinets Razor Blade Slots In Medicine Cabinets. razor blade slots in medicine cabinets Jun 27, 2009 · So the medicine cabinet in the carriage house, as you can see, has seen better days. my dad once told me that the little slot in the backs of these medicine cabinets was for the disposal of razor blades.

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Years ago, medicine cabinets would have a slot cut in the back of them for used ... solution to the sometimes annoying problem of safe disposal of old blades.

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Some old houses have a razor blade disposal slot inside the medicine cabinet. When you drop blades through this slot, they fall between the walls. If you live in an older house, check to see if your medicine cabinet has a slot. If it does, and you plan to remodel, be careful tearing out the wall adjacent to the cabinet.

The folks who've responded with the info about the old style medicine cabinets with the slot in the back for disposal of old razor blades are correct, the rest of the answers are just conjecture by people who don't know, but felt the need to post some sort of answer.

Blade Disposal Slot in the Medicine Cabinet | Page 2 ... Blade Disposal Slot in the Medicine Cabinet. ... (4 yrs old) medicine cabinets and no such luck. I may be able to use a razor blade to cut into my cabinets which are ... Why Are There Razor Blades in My Walls? [Archive] - Straight ... I used flat safety razors in the seventies, and this is how I disposed of them:Actually they did come up with a better solution. Many of the double safety razor blade came in little metal tin. You would push the new blade out with your thumb via a hole in the middle top. Flip over the tin and slide the old blade into another slot on the back. Vintage Medicine Cabinet | eBay

Antique Wood Barber Shop Razor Cabinet Cupboard Vintage Green Old. ... Medicine Cabinet Mirror Chrome w/ razor slot. ... Razor Saw Hard Coated Blade 20teeth Per Inch ... 15 Best Razor Blades In Walls images | Blade, Walls, Wands These old Wilkinson razor blades were discovered when the old medicine cabinet was taken out. There's a convenient slot in the old metal cabinet just perfect for blade disposal. Mark Chambers Razor slit in medicine cabinets - DC Urban Mom Before houses were made out of plastic, medal bathroom medicine cabinets had a slit in the back that you could push a single-edged razor blade through. The blade would fall between the wall studs and safely out of reach of children's fingers. It was also handy if your wife was a coke whore. How to dispose of razor blades safely? - Trim Epil